Holiday of music and romance with AVIATOR

Romantic and sincere feelings will never go out of style. The best proof of this statement was the concert of AVIATOR dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day. Cozy lounge of Caribbean Club Concert-Hall, soft muted light and songs about the most important and essential created atmosphere of a perfect holiday.



Love can be sung about dynamically and excitingly! «В твоих глазах» («In Your Eyes»), «За тобой» («Following You»), «Мания» («Mania»), «Весна» («Spring»), «Без тебя» («Without You»), «Звезда» («Star»), «За высокими берёзами» («Behind the High Birches») – those hits made public not only sing, but also dance actively. With warmth there were met «Любовь-яд» («Love-Poison»), which became manly daring and heartfelt by soloists of AVIATOR, and rarely heard at concerts «Сети» («Net») – a song-manifesto against replacing the real life with virtual reality.



Of course, there were not without slow lyrical compositions («slow-burners», as the musicians joked), one of which – «Берега» («Brims») – became an ideal soundtrack for a wedding dance for the couple of honeymooners, Igor and Irina, who decided to celebrate the most significant day in their lives at the concert of their favorite band. «Aviators», in turn, congratulated them and wished long years in love and harmony together, and could not resist the traditional «Now a kiss!».



The brilliant completion of the festive evening as an encore became «Возвращайся» («Come Back») symbolizing that true love is able to regain and maintain, in spite of distance and obstacles.



Thanks to the friendly team of Caribbean Club Concert-Hall for warm welcome!
Photos are entitled by the club’s press service.
Photographer – Artem Tyshchenko.