AVIATOR blew up the car of Frank Sinatra

AVIATOR presents a colourful video work on their new song «I Know It». Light air composition immediately inspired the director Victor Skuratovsky to find the appropriate location, and, after much thought, the creative team went to California!


The shooting consisted of two days and a lot of adventures. For example, for the disclosure of one of the images the crew found the Buick Centurion 1953 car, which belonged to Frank Sinatra! But it did not work out at the end…

– 5 AM, we are rushing along the frieve towards the El Mirage desert, the director is behind the wheel, we are discussing the shooting plan – and suddenly a spark is igniting from under the car, the brakes are failing to grip, the car is dying at a speed of 70 miles per hour in the middle of the freeway. While rolling down to the side of the road, we notice that the seat under me is burning. Then the smoke appears from under the hood… Adrenaline adds speed to the decision-making: while we are breaking off the burning lining of the salon, our American colleague is calling for technical assistance. After three minutes the driver of the tow truck is helping us to put out the fire and taking the burnt car of the legendary singer to the parking lot, – the soloist of AVIATOR Dmytro Todoriuk recalls.


But no force majeure situation could not bring down the optimism and creative spirit of the group. After driving an hour and a half in the American villages, they managed to find equally legendary car – Chevrolet Impala.

At the location, the Californian sun and the ocean wind made a new problem: the dust settled on expensive optics, and it was necessary to interrupt the shots constantly for the cleaning of the camera.

– My hero is going to meet with his beloved in an open car. At first, I really liked and was inspired with my vehicle, but after about two hours I realized that in the desert bald artists have a tough row in the desert, – thinks the author of the music for the track and the soloist of AVIATOR Andrei Storozh.


Totally different impressions went to Ihor Voievutskiy. Some plans were shot high in the mountains, where the temperature reached zero, and the clothes did not help from the cold at all. Short jogging along the picturesque slopes of the famous Pacific trail helped.

– On behalf of the whole band I want to thank to our new friends from America for their help in shooting and searching for incredible locations, for their support and positive perception of life in any conditions. To my brother Alexander – for the text to the song. To Victor Skuratovsky – for inexhaustible excitement, enthusiasm and adventurism! – the artist sums up.


Thanks to the right combination of pictures, songs and mood, the new hit of AVIATOR strives to become a bright soundtrack for this summer. Watch and listen to!