AVIATOR became the owners of an exclusive guitar… from salt!

On Saturday, September 8th, AVIATOR congratulated the residents of Bahmut with the concert at the stadium of the local sports complex “Metallurg”. Both all the tested hits of musicians and the novelty “Heaven a Deux” were very warmly greeted by the audience. In gratitude for the performance the mayor of the city, Oleksiy Reva, handed the frontmen Dmytro Todoriuk and Andriy Storozh the exclusive guitar “Fender”, created specially for the guys… from the bed of Bahmut salt!


— Impressions of the gift? Approximately the following: on the holiday to the birthday, at the end of the evening the birthday person gives an absolutely priceless thing… to you! — Dmytro Todoriuk smiles. — We did not expect, of course! Bakhmut was able to win our hearts with not only the amazing atmosphere during the concert, but also a souvenir that has already entered the history of our team! Thank you!


— Once again, we have seen how talented people live in our country, — Andriy Storozh adds. — There is nothing more pleasant to understand that your business can inspire another person! In response, you get a charge of emotion in order to take off even higher!

The author of an unusual guitar, the sculptor Victor Zhuk, shared that it took him and his brother about two weeks to make the instrument.


— Two weeks is only a period of direct work. Before this the stage of preparation was : the study of the material, the taking of all measures, communication with professional musicians. We did not dare to tighten the strings: the “help” came from a friend, bass-guitarist. Almost the same “Fender” Kurt Cobain had, the main thing is not to treat it in the same way, or it would break the scene, — Viktor laughs. — We are glad that the gift “hit” the target: the fuse of rock and roll is very much felt in the guys-“aviators”, especially — during the “live” concerts.

According to the artists, they have an idea to open a small museum of the most amazing things presented by listeners.

Recall that recently AVIATOR has received a personalized star in the constellation of Gemini.AVIATOR_3