AVIATOR took the fan to the sky

«I’m still shell-shocked all that have been my experience! I know… Miracles happen!..» — such a message was dropped to the official account of AVIATOR in a social network from Olga Kobyzhska the day after the flight by airplane under «command» of the frontmen of the most air Ukrainian music band.

Olya’s dream came true thanks to the «По небу» («Across the Sky») campaign Ihor Voievutskiy, Andriy Storozh and Dmytro Todoriuk announced last May in the framework of the band’s all-Ukrainian tour, which covered 35 cities. According to its rules, everyone could show their creative activities, limiting themselves only to aviation and sky. Given the sky has no boundaries, the restrictions were quite arbitrary :) The winner was to get an incredible reward — to become a passenger of the «star» liner and make sure that the soloists of AVIATOR cope perfectly not only with the musical, but the real airplane, too! Therefore, it was not surprising that over the month of the campaign the feeds of Facebook, VKontakte and Instagram sites were larded with unusual and unexpected works under the hashtag #aviatorпонебу, and there even started a close-fought battle for the main prize.

What struck Olya personally? According to the singers’ opinion, the animation the girl had created, taking the song «По небу» («Across the Sky») as a soundtrack, was light and airy and combined either originality or sincerity.

The welcome meeting with the beloved band took place almost a year after the announcement of the results, but expectations did not overshadow it! Learning that Olya had never traveled by plane before, Ihor, Andriy and Dmytro were pleasantly surprised by the absolute lack of fear and zeal, with which the girl stepped aboard the AN-2. After the flight, which gave unforgettable emotions, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the guys willingly shared with Olya impressions from the trip to the USA where they had recently shot two videoclips with director Victor Skuratovsky, and even «introduced» her to their new single «Я знаю» («I Know It»), which soon will sound all over the country for the joy of AVIATOR fans.



«Miracles happen!..». We cannot disagree with it! Especially they love those, who believe in them with all their heart.


Stay tuned — and, perhaps, in the near future your very dream will come true!