AVIATOR found an alternative to social networks

This spring the Ukrainian radio air threatens to get into the “Nets”. This is the name of the song, which AVIATOR will present to a wide audience in the coming days. The composition written by Yuri Lemchuk has been waiting for its “star time” for several years, but it is sounding most relevant today.

— “Nets” is our manifesto that social networks can not replace and abolish reality, — Dmytro Todoriuk says. — Live communication with people is very different from electronic one. And the value of such relationships is incommensurably higher and thinner than smiles, likes and comments. If a person does not start distracting from the screen of his or her gadget, one will forget how to feel.

— A social network is like seeds. You’ve already tired of cracking, but it’s impossible to quit, — Igor Voevutskiy smiles. — I understand that many people need social networks for work and career. But those who are specifically looking not for earnings, but for communication or relationships, it is better not to go there. You can not find the warmth there, only your time will be wasted. So do not get carried away by this seriously.

— We’re not enemies of social networks, we use it ourselves. We’ve noticed that many people congratulate even the closest ones with holidays via the Net!.. But what about intonations, emotions, energy, voice, eyes? Spend more time with each other, and, let it be, post out the evidence to your accounts, — Andriy Storozh advises.

What emotions and energy soloists AVIATOR have inclosed in their new creation, you’ll hear very soon. By the way, and over the Internet, too!